Exercise During Lockdown

Sep 19, 2022

Exercising from Home

 In these trying times, many people are finding themselves doing unusual activities. Often more frequently and for longer than they would ordinarily.

 Examples of these are working/sitting (see previous post), running and HIIT type exercise, gardening and DIY.

 These activities place new demands on the body and it is normal that you may feel aches and pains on various points of your body. Some typical examples include:

  • Achilles tendinopathy/tendonitis

Often caused by a sudden increase in activity, especially that involving running and jumping.

Pain is typically felt on touching the achilles, stairs, running – although it might ease up during exercise.

  • Runner’s knee

Discomfort felt around or behind the kneecap, typically on stairs, kneeling and running

  • Low back pain

This could be painful during all movements…or even rest! Depending on the cause. Typically with more sitting or bending and lifting.

  • Neck pain

See previous post regarding posture and working from home. Computer and TV time being the major players.

  • Tennis elbow

Typically caused by heavy gripping activities in gardening and DIY that can quickly become so sore it’s difficult to type, grip something light and is typically felt on the outside of your upper elbow.

If these sound familiar, don’t panic! We are here. Despite the on-going situation, you can see one of our physiotherapists virtually who can diagnose and treat your issue.

Please check out the website to book an assessment at a time that suits you.

Don’t forget our virtual pilates too! Which might just go a long way to reduce the chance of injuries.