VALD Force Decks

VALD Force Decks

Here at PhysioSpace we strive to provide the best form of care to all our clients and with VALD Force Decks we can now give you in depth objective measures of your strength, balance, explosiveness and much much more.

With Force Decks we can provide you with information regarding strength measures, side to side asymmetry and movement analysis through a range of exercises and jumps. Previously limited to elite sporting environments including championship rugby teams, Premier league footballers and National level athletes, PhysioSpace have invested in this technology to make it readily available to you.

Once an assessment has been completed, we will the generate a tailored report on our findings on how you move and then we can use this information to track progress and design design specific programmes in order for you to reach your goals; whether this be returning to pain free movement, Injury rehabilitation, performance, return to sport or your daily activities.

Fully utilising the software that is provided with VALD’s services we can compare your results to detailed normative data from age groups down to your individual sport and even position within that sport. This can then provide you with specific goals in certain testing procedures to improve your overall ability.

How do ForceDecks work?

ForceDecks gather a full assessment of strength, power, centre of mass as well as the movements you require to perform in daily activities or sport including but not limited to Squats, lunges,push ups, deadlifts and much more.

You are able to see your results instantly and have them analysed to provide us with accurate objective data to take your performance or rehabilitation programme to new heights.

Who can benefit?

  • Pre or Post operative rehabilitation
  • Athletes looking for a good baseline to improve strength and help prevent injury
  • Exercise plans for any individual to improve balance, strength and function

What to expect

How long does the testing take?

Depending on the tests being carried out it can take anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes.

Is this only for assessments and athletes?

No! ForceDecks can be used to provide aid to training and rehabilitation but also help with things like balance and proprioception in order to prevent falls, improve balance and function better.

What can you find out?

Training and rehab progression
Monitor your progression, break your plateau
Compare your data to your own pre-injury data so you can come back better, stronger and faster.
Performance profiling
How quickly do you produce force
Are you powerful or strong, or both?
What is your reactive strength compared to previous or normative data

Fatigue and readiness
What is your fatigue like week to week, do you need to taper ?
Are you performing at your best or is your training load impairing your performance?

What sort of tests can we analyse?

Jump Testing:
Jump testing is a good indication of your reactive strength and power production compared to your bodyweight. You can also measure your jump height and side to side asymmetry. The tests include; Countermovement jump, repeated hops, squat jump, drop jump and more.

Maximal strength:
This provides you with information on your max strength in a given movement, this provides figures on your rate of force development (RFD) and can even be used to provide you with suggestions to what your maximal load could be when completing the movement with weight. Examples of these tests include; Isometric mid-thigh pull, isometric calf raise, isometric squat, submaximal deadlift and squat tests.

As stated above, we can even look at how your balance is. With clear easy to interpret displays of your centre of mass, multidirectional movement ability and correctional movement whale performing multiple activities. These tests include Single leg stand, stand and hold weight distribution tests.

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