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At PhysioSpace we aim to offer the most effective, streamlined, Health, Wellbeing & Fitness service in Wales to help you look after your body, move better and feel good.

We deliver cutting edge, evidence based, collaborative care with impeccable consistency and attention to detail & data.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are at the forefront of knowledge in pain management, function, biomechanics, injury pre/rehab and performance training.

We are re-defining the Physiotherapy experience. Moving away from the traditional approach to a fresh, client centred, tailored ‘experience’ which is not a chore but a way of life.

Our individualised approach brings together the key components below.


S & C



At PhysioSpace our goal is to help you return to what you enjoy doing quickly so you can live an effective, functional, healthy, happy and pain-free life.

We want to promote sustainable change. Our processes and way of working will help you achieve your goals by bringing structure to your fitness and overall wellbeing strategy.






At PhysioSpace we aim to meet your diagnostic needs using a tailored and comprehensive clinical assessment process. Our experienced chartered Physiotherapists will utilise the assessment time effectively to understand not only your condition but you as a person and how the condition is affecting you. Our patients are fully at the centre of our care model and this concept underpins our mission here at PhysioSpace.


It is our mission for patients to be provided with an understanding of their condition based on evidence-based practice and a credible clinical reasoning process. It is at this point that we pave the way forward for your recovery to maximise your function and meet your goals. You sit at the centre of the care model at PhysioSpace; we are dedicated to your needs and we will tailor your treatment plan to these using services within and referral outside of the PhysioSpace model of care where appropriate.


We will provide you with tailored evidence based treatment throughout your journey with us utilising our clinical specialities across our staff to optimise the care process. Our flexible packages of rehabilitation ensure that you are receiving your care from the most appropriate clinician to meet your needs.


Our overarching mission is for you to return to function and perform in whatever context that may take. We strive to adopt not only recovery but injury and relapse prevention empowering you to become self sufficient in the long-term reducing your demand for healthcare. We use data to measure progress and track improvement in function. Our individualised programming service is an essential component of facilitating sustained performance.

We are a boutique fitness studio & private physiotherapy sports injury clinic in Cardiff providing outstanding care, small group yoga & pilates classes and sports injury treatment.

Our aim is to provide our patients with expert, evidence-based health care to get them back on track.

Our team of experienced physios are on hand to help you every step of the way. We have state of the art equipment to facilitate the rehabilitation process and superb fitness professionals to guide your treatment.

Put simply, we are a vision focused company. Aiming to provide the highest quality care for every patient.