Injury Rehabilitation

This Service can be used for a current injury or someone that is looking to learn more about the common injuries of their sport and how to prevent them to the best of their ability. This includes necessary Sports Massage, Joint mobilisation, Strength and Conditioning and Injury Rehabilitation protocols to keep you playing/competing better and for longer, as we all know no one likes to sit on the sidelines during their sporting season!

This service is not only for the elite athlete, anyone from grassroots and up can always do more to learn about how to reduce the risk of injury and help understand the common injuries of their sport/activity and how that can affect their body specifically. Each sport/activity comes with predispositions for injury and so does the way we move biomechanically so why not give us a call or book in with Ollie our Sports Rehabilitation Specialist for a discovery call now to start your journey.

Is Sports Rehabilitation for me?

If you are trying to figure out your predispositions to injury and how to combat them to the best of your ability, regardless of sport or exercise level then in short, yes. This service can be utilised in order to gain as much understanding as possible from our Sports Rehabilitation therapist about the musculoskeletal system and what you can do to prepare yourself for your sports or exercise regime.

What will this involve?

Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough subjective assessment to discuss either your current injury or the sport you want to find out more about. In terms of injury assessment, this will allow us to begin to paint a picture as to the mechanism of injury and pave the way for the physical testing that will occur in the next part of the assessment.

The next part of the consultation will consist of an objective physical evaluation of your current injury, this will include all necessary range of motion, strength and special testing to determine the degree of injury and the tissues affected. Whether that be soft tissue, bone or nervous damage.

Once the objective testing has been complete and injury diagnosis will be reached that will allow our practitioner to begin to tailor make a rehabilitation programme following the latest evidence based treatment plans and protocols in order to get you back doing what you love efficiently as possible.

I’m not injured, How can this help?

One main part of any sport or activity is trying to reduce the risks involved. This means that regardless of you having an injury or not you can always do more to learn about the common injuries of your chosen activity/sport and do as much as you can to prevent those injuries occurring because the truth is you can never completely eliminate injuries from occurring ever.

What is a Sports Rehabilitator ?

Sport Rehabilitators help people suffering from pain, injury or illness involving the musculoskeletal system. They help people of all ages and all backgrounds to maintain their health and fitness, recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain using exercise, movement and manual based therapeutic interventions.

Sport Rehabilitators have a strong focus on biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation and returning patients to high levels of function. The overall skill set and focus is why the Ministry of Defence chooses BASRaT registrants for their most demanding exercise rehabilitation roles.

Our Sports Rehabilitation Therapist is accredited by the British Association of Sports Rehabilitators and Therapists (BASRaT) which is conducted by the professional standards authority, the UK’s top healthcare and medical oversight body.

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