What is Female Pelvic Health Physio?

Nov 1, 2022

Pelvic health physiotherapy is pretty much what it says it is. Physiotherapy for the Pelvis…

That includes problems with the muscles and joints of the pelvis and also any issues with the pelvic floor muscles.

This can affect anyone, of all ages.

You might be pregnant, post-natal, never had children, menopausal, a runner or high level sports person, anyone with a pelvis really.

The pelvis is such an important area of the body that often gets overlooked. It’s like the ‘cornerstone’ for the body. It’s the important link between the upper and lower body and the connection point for all our ‘core’ muscles, so why do we often ignore it?

When we have an issue with the pelvis, it can cause a whole host of symptoms such as pain or bladder and bowel symptoms but can also affect our posture and our performance in sport and activities, the list goes on…

Pelvic Health physiotherapy involves a bespoke assessment depending on your symptoms.

That might mean assessing your strength and movement or it might involve an internal pelvic floor examination to assess the strength and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles.

Once any issues have been identified we can work on treating this with specific advice and an individualised programme that works towards your goals.

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