Sep 19, 2022

I’ve attended many yoga classes over the years, never as consistently as I’d like and I’ve never been good at doing it on my own.  This year has been a bit of a breakthrough and Osk’s virtual yoga sessions have hit the spot!  I’ve been doing several yoga and pilates sessions a week and the benefits to my physical and mental health have been invaluable.

Other virtual classes haven’t worked for me, as it’s too easy to switch off before the end or not not switch on at all.  In contrast, I’ve felt involved with Osk’s classes, looked forward to seeing her and other familiar faces on the screen, and have felt part of a community. My house backs onto Physiospace so I can see the glowing light in the studio window when classes are happening there and even though I’ve preferred not to attend in person, I roll out my mat and feel a sense of belonging.

I thrive on variety and usually deal with stressful situations by constantly moving, at speed, from one project to another: for me this usually works (so long as my body doesn’t let me down!) and of course balancing mind and body is key ….’something to do, something to love, something to hope for’ has usually worked well and has never been more important than in 2020, when we’ve all had to dig deeper than ever. My Physiospace connection has rescued and supported me in 2020, through isolation, injury and bereavement.  It’s so important to me that, especially as I get older, my body’s capacity matches the demands I make on it.  Yoga and pilates, along with walking and cycling, are the tools that help keep me fit and flexible, and in the long run, happy.

I guess my favourite posture is … not a posture .. it’s the inner calm and physical buzz at the end of a yoga session.

“This too shall pass” is a mantra that helps me.

…… and ……. breathe.