Sep 19, 2022

Welcome to “student stories”. Here you will meet some of our amazing students who will share their yoga/pilates journeys, wellbeing tips and much more. This time we meet the lovely Emma.

Hello! I’m Emma. I’ve been going to StudioSpace for about a year now. I moved back to Cardiff in 2019 after seven years working in London. I had been on the hunt for local yoga and pilates classes, so I couldn’t believe my luck when the space opened!

Why do you practise yoga/pilates? I did a lot of dance training growing up, so I love anything that helps me regain and retain my balance, core strength and flexibility. I’m not a competitive sports person either, so the fact that yoga is all about taking it at your own pace and doing what’s right for your body really appeals to me. I always feel so good after practising yoga or pilates – and that feeling is addictive.

What is your favourite posture/stretch and why? I love cat/cow, supine twists and reverse warrior – basically anything that stretches out my spine (if it clicks, even better). Oh and shavasana goes without saying, right? My calves and hamstrings can get pretty tight so I find pyramid pose and revolved triangle challenging, but good to practise! What is in your wellbeing toolkit?

What do you do to take care of your wellbeing? StudioSpace has been a godsend in 2020. Besides weekly yoga and pilates classes, to maintain my wellbeing I depend on long walks, chats with my mum, cat cuddles and lots of chocolate!

Do you have a favourite mantra/saying you live by? I don’t have a mantra but for me, gratitude is key to a happy life. I used to be a chronic worrier, but over the years I’ve learned to practise living in the moment and appreciating what I have. Yoga and travel have helped me with that. I love travelling and feel very privileged to have seen so much of the world (I’ve taken yoga classes in Thailand, Costa Rica, Maldives and more). Lugging a huge backpack around Australia and Southeast Asia in my twenties also made me appreciate and want to take care of my body – I’ve put it through a lot!

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