Sports Injuries

Sep 19, 2022

Injury prevention is impossible, however, injury reduction certainly is possible and it doesn’t take in-depth sport science to achieve it. Most of the time there are tangible reasons as to why we have an injury e.g. increasing mileage to quickly, insufficient rest and not completing a solid pre-season.

Take some pre-emptive steps before embarking on a fitness goal.

Firstly, plan. Having a plan in place adds focus and helps the positive feedback of steady progress.

Second, routine. Develop a sound routine prior to each time you train. Each training session should include a sport-specific warm-up to increase blood flow to muscles, increase muscle extensibility, focus your mind and reactions. Don’t forget to cool down too.

Lastly, be honest. Have you done enough? Are there signs your body or mind are being pushed excessively? Stop at fatigue, know what you’ve done before and be reasonable with your expectations.

The problem is, you’ll never know an injury you’ve prevented, but being sensible might do just that.

Despite following all this, given the inherent nature of sport, you may still become injured. Don’t panic! This is why we’re here.

Our inquisitive, attentive and sports-minded physiotherapists help find a cause and solution to your injury with evidence-based practice.