Nutrition Support

Well-balanced nutritional intake is vital for your health and wellbeing. However, our relationships with food are complex, so establishing a balanced diet can be difficult to navigate.

Following an in-depth consultation and considering your specific needs and goals, our Nutritionist can help you devise a plan to achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

Are you looking to…

  • Improve your relationship with food?
  • Promote good health through diet?
  • Increase your energy levels?
  • Escape fad diets and diet myths?
  • Enhance recovery or prevent injury/illness?
  • Alter your body weight/composition?
  • Tailor your diet to your sport (training and competition)?

Guide, Support, Encourage

Our Nutritionist can help you towards optimal nutrition and health through guidance, support and encouragement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?
  • Assessment and analysis of diet, energy balance & body composition
  • Debunk diet myths and provide advice on how to eat well for health and wellbeing
  • Support with lifestyle change e.g., weight management, diet changes (such as changing to a plant-based diet)
  • Sports nutrition support to promote good health and performance – tailored advice around exercise training and competition, recovery, travel, hydration, immunity, supplements
  • Support to achieve/maintain a body mass/composition that aligns with good health and performance
  • Support with optimal nutrition for recovery from injury
  • Delivery of nutrition education presentations/workshops on various topics
Initial Consultation
Before your initial consultation you will be asked to fill out a pre-consultation form and may be asked to complete a food diary (3-7 days, depending on your preference).

During your initial consultation, the Nutritionist will provide analysis of your pre- consultation form, nutritional requirements and food diary (if applicable).

Together you will establish realistic goals and the Nutritionist will provide you with any appropriate resources and advice following your appointment.

Follow Up Consultation
During follow-up consultations you will discuss progress, concerns and changes. The nature of each session will depend on your needs/goals.

The Nutritionist may request another food diary before a follow-up session

Dietary Review
This process helps you to understand your current dietary intake so that it can be compared to recommendations and previous dietary reviews.

Our Nutritionist will analyse a 3-7 day food and exercise diary and provide the results in a visual report and discuss the results and recommendations with you.

Body Composition Analysis
Full ISAK level 1 body composition measurements with skin callipers and report.

During this session our Anthropometrist will record a full data set in order to provide a visual report of your body composition. This data allows you to understand your body composition and how it could be improved. We can compare this data to normative values or previous values to track change over time.

  • Discovery call | Free (15 mins)
  • Initial consultation | £70.00 (60 mins)
  • Follow up | £50.00 (45 mins)
  • Diet review | £45.00 (20 mins)
  • Body composition analysis | £55.00 (45 mins)

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