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At PhysioSpace We Offer Specialist Assessment, Diagnosis, Recovery Plan & Treatment for Your Neck and Back Pain. In the UK, 4 of every 5 people experience low back pain at some point in their life. So many people require upper, middle and lower back pain relief that it accounts for 10% of adult GP visits and is one of the leading causes of disability and time off work. Some people experience a simple ache that improved quickly while others suffer long-term pain.

Treatment for back pain
Back pain is one of the most common complaints treated in clinic. Seeking professional advice and getting the right treatment quickly for lower back pain relief reduces the risk of the condition lingering. It can also speed up recovery time and most importantly, reduce its impact on your quality of life, daily hobbies and work. The above problems can affect each individual differently. In some cases, it can cause severe pain and disability, yet in others no symptoms at all.

Massage & Soft Tissue Hands On Treatment

Massage helps to increase blood flow to the painful areas. It also releases tension in muscles. This in turn, can help reduce pain and improve impaired movement. It can be an effective treatment for many types of back pain if used as part of a structure treatment plan.

Joint mobilisations & manipulations

Joint mobilisations are used to release joint stiffness, improve movement and reduce pain. In addition, mobilisation can be used for patients with degenerative change, disc problems and Hypomobility (general joint stiffness). As specialist Physiotherapists we are able to manipulate joints if it is indicated in a very similar way to Chiropractors.

Ergonomic Advice

Lifestyle factors can also be a big contributor to low back pain. Spending 8+ hours sitting at work with a poorly set up workstation is not going to do your back any favours. However, this is often overlooked. Your physiotherapist will be able to offer you advice on how to achieve an optimal posture. They will also be able to advise on workstation set up, manual handling and adapting tasks to reduce pain.

Exercise Prescription

There is strong evidence that general and specific exercise can help low back pain. Your physio will be able to prescribe exercises that will help you make improvements outside the clinic . Exercises programs may consist of strength, stretching, and general fitness exercises. We will introduce you to the Pilates principles. Our aim is to tie in Physiotherapy hands on treatment with your exercise plan, we support this through the use of our App which you will have access to after your first session at PhysioSpace.

Types of back pain
There are a number of reasons why back pain occurs.

A number of body structures can be responsible. However, it is important to remember that it is often more than one factor contributing. This can include lifestyle factors. Some of the well-known types of back pain include:

– Irritation of nerve roots (femoral or sciatic nerves) – otherwise known as sciatica if in the lower back

– Increased tone or spasm in the muscles of the back

– Bone deformity (curvature of the spine or degenerative changes)

– Ligament or muscle strain/sprain – this is common during pregnancy

– Intervertebral disc prolapse or degeneration

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Physiotherapists are considered the experts on low back pain. By completing a robust assessment, they can often pinpoint the cause and start treatment quickly as a result. Physios are also trained to spot any serious conditions that may present as low back pain. This is especially relevant as they know when it is appropriate to refer on to the GP or another specialist.

Physiotherapy is available on the NHS but often requires a referral from your GP. Furthermore, waiting lists can be several weeks long and treatment options are limited due to resource constraints. Private physiotherapy services can be accessed quickly and, if self-funding, without the need for a referral. Many private providers will also accept private health insurance but a referral may be required.

Get back to full fitness

Excellent experience at PhysioSpace. I was provided with great support and a well structured program to get me back on court after a hamstring injury. Would recommend to anyone for physio post injury.

Emilyn W.

Both personable and knowledgable - Thanks to everyone at PhysioSpace

Andy T.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable Physios, professional friendly service. Ed provided great support and a programme of exercises following a knee injury. Thank you!

Mikhaela M.

I had my injury diagnosed on my first visit and a plan was set out for me. Today I ran the bay 10k and beat my last year's time by over 2 minutes. I would recommend PhysioSpace if you have a problem. Friendly staff and a good set up. Thank you!

Derek W.

I went to see Ed with back pain and not only had he given me exercises to improve that, he's also pointed me in the right direction to strengthen my core and balance. Highly recommended!

Rhys D.

I can't recommend PhysioSpace enough. The team were accommodating and knowledgeable; fixed my niggles, and gave useful advice and guidance on avoiding further injury by strengthening my weaknesses. Great experience all round.

Gwenno L.

I’ve been to see the team at PhysioSpace regularly for the last 6 months, for rehabilitation after knee surgery. Excellent experience, with some serious strides being made with my rehab. Thank you!

Joe P.

I've taken my son to PhysioSpace following an injury to his shoulder. He's been given lots of advice and information, plus a programme of exercises to follow. I'm sure, with Ed's help, he'll be back to playing tennis soon.

Fiona C.

Would highly recommend PhysioSpace! Went along for a sports massage with Dafydd to sort out an ongoing back ache and was over the moon with the result. Will definitely be going back for a top up.

Daf L.

Great Experience with this clinic who are currently helping me with rehabilitation after a major knee injury and surgery.

Daf R.

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