Marie Batzl

Marie Batzl

BSc (Hons.), MSc, MCSP, ACPSEM

Marie is a passionate Physiotherapist who tailors every rehabilitation journey to help her client achieve their goals and get the best out of themselves. With a range of experience in clinical and sporting settings, she possesses a wealth of knowledge to assess her client’s exercise levels and pick them up at any part of their physical journey to become healthy and return to activities they love.

Having worked in various countries and settings, Marie has a unique outlook and experience. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) from the European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam and gathered experience in the USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, and Germany. There, she acquired a broad skillset from working in physiotherapy clinics, with various sports clubs, in research, and as a personal trainer. Her previous work in sports includes kickboxing, football, and rugby, as well as multi-day tournaments, such as the Amsterdam 7’s and the Bingham Cup.

During her time in Germany, Marie developed a special interest in working with individuals with scoliosis (spine curvature) and gathered experience incorporating 3D exercises into the treatment of adolescents and adults with scoliosis. She uses a three-dimensional exercise approach based on the active spinal correction principles according to the Schroth Method. This approach may be a helpful adjunct to bracing therapy, strengthening before and after spinal correction surgery, as well as to the rehabilitation of injuries or pain in individuals with scoliosis.

Most recently, Marie’s passion for learning and developing further brought her to Wales, where she graduated with an MSc in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy from Cardiff University in summer 2023. She now works as a first contact practitioner in the NHS and as the head Physiotherapist of the Cambrian and Clydach Vale Football Club alongside her clinics at PhysioSpace.

Clinical Interest: spinal injuries, sports injuries, biomechanics and movement analysis, return to sports, injury prevention and education, persistent pain, creating an active lifestyle.

Sporting Interests: winter sports, rugby, football, kickboxing, swimming, volleyball

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